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Erie, PA 16503
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ISO 9001:2008
Innovative solutions for complex design
At Omega Plastics, we offer the full range of injection molding capabilities necessary to meet even your most stringent requirements. Utilizing our leading-edge design, production and support services, we're your everyday specialists in part design, mold design and build & production processes.

High level of accuracy
With the addition of our two shot press, complicated moldings can be created very easily with a high level of accuracy and repeatability. We also offer specialized services in decorative secondary processes while meeting unique needs in packaging, product warehousing and shipping.

Solid reputation
Omega Plastics has forged a solid reputation as a stable, dependable and flexible provider of quality products and services that exceed expectation.

                         Our value added expertise includes the following industries:

●  Alternative Energy ●  HVAC
●  Aerospace ●  Medical
●  Electronics ●  Military
●  Hand tools ●  Oil and Gas